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Jenna Hetzell loves coffee. She loves it so much that she makes her own “slow roast,” especially for that morning buzz that addicted coffee lovers demand.

“It has a deep flavor,” said the West Kingston roaster who supplies wholesale coffee to individuals, businesses and restaurants in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Slow roast is its own design and may be unique among coffee roasters, Hetzell said, noting that his research among other roasters nationwide may have found only one other person doing it. in its own way.

Like a secret sauce, she won’t reveal the exact recipe, but a taste confirmed her description of how this cup of coffee settles on the taste palette.

“Along with a smooth finish that tastes great with every sip, it has a low acidity that is gentle on the gut,” she added with each pour and with that touch of comfort for those whose craving of a good cup of coffee is often tempered by rumbling acids afterwards.

His company is called Seaworthy coffee roasters ( which offers roasted coffee for sale online and is also available in some local stores including the South County Bread Company ( at 333 Main Street, Wakefield. However, there is no coffee in the roast.

Hetzell, 33, who started the business two years ago with his father, Chad Hetzell, 54, says the main benefit of his coffee is the slow roast.

They offer a variety of blends and recently opened a local pickup point at South County Bread Company for individual orders placed online by customers.

It kicked off just as COVID was plaguing South County and was only sticking to online orders.

In the past year, it has expanded to deliver different coffee products to various retail outlets, such as Island Deli, South Coast Organic & Bulk Foods, Jennifer’s Chocolates, Sweenor’s Chocolates, all in Wakefield; Roch’s Fresh Foods, Coffee n ‘Bagel Connection and Crazy Burger, all in Narragansett; Peter Pots pottery, white pine wellness and new wave cuisine in West Kingston / Kingston as well as spots in Charlestown, Jamestown and Ashaway.

“I love coffee and I love everything about its roasting. It’s a hands-on process where I have the opportunity to combine science and creativity and if I’ve done my job right the result is something people can look forward to every day, ”said Hetzell, who has been a roaster since. five years. years old and passionate about coffee all her life.

South kingstown

Shepherd’s Race (, at 4780 Tower Hill Road, is a destination winery, resort and event venue located on scenic 36 acres of land in bucolic Rhode Island. Our mission is to connect our guests and our community to the culture, artisans, crafts and terroir of our unique region.

Shepherd’s Run was once the summer home of Rush Sturges and Elizabeth Hazard Sturges. The original mansion was designed in Norman Romanesque style by Thomas Pym Cope and the gardens were designed by famous landscape architect Beatrix Farrand.

Located in a historic mansion, Shepherd’s Run has 10 rooms available for overnight rentals. Additionally, these rooms can be booked with any event space for a one-of-a-kind exclusive redemption experience.

Each room has been appointed with custom furnishings and designed with a fresh take on traditional New England art. Its exclusive suite offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a private balcony that overlooks our western vineyard.

He takes a unique approach to winemaking. “In our opinion, wine should be both local and global. It’s a way of connecting us to the ground beneath our feet as well as to crops thousands of miles away, ”according to its website.

“With this philosophy at the heart of our winemaking process, we will not only offer selections grown on the estate, but also regional and global offerings. The terroir of each vineyard is unique and we aim to express it through our process. We believe that the wines of the world can unite us. Who won’t raise their glass to that?

Plus, as New England’s newest event venue, it can accommodate gatherings of all sizes. From intimate parties to large-scale 300-person weddings and celebrations, Shepherd’s Run offers a range of indoor and outdoor event spaces.

North Kingstown

Give new life to old parts. This is the motto of The white elephant ( on 7535 Post Road, a furniture store that recently moved from East Greenwich to North Kingstown. It brings an embodiment of the old to the new with the refurbishment and finishing.

Housed in a 1700s house, the rooms bring extra life to the furniture and homes of the customers who buy them. The inventory changes and there are unique pieces available to suit all tastes of customers who love antiques, collectibles, and just something special that only their eye knows is right for the home.

Caitlin Musso is the owner. She remarked in an interview noting that the sights and smells bring back for many people a return to a place and a time far from their present life.

“We had a woman who saw a set of encyclopedias, and she had to go and open one of the books to smell it because she had the same set growing up,” Musso says. “Because we have unique pieces, our inventory is constantly changing, so it will always be different each time you walk in. We mix the new with the old. “

The North Kingstown branch of the People’s Credit Union Now hosts three works of art that will be featured in a silent art auction to be hosted by the Narrow River Preservation Association (NRPA) in fall 2022.

All are welcome to visit the branch lobby at 7490 Post Road, North Kingstown to view the artwork during opening hours.

Two original works of art by Richard Barker Grant, President of NRPA, are on display. These pieces are watercolors that are incorporated into the mica that Grant himself mined in Maine which is separated and pasted in watercolors. Each piece is supported on a tile and framed by a wooden molding.

Also featured is a large photograph of Bill Krul. The vibrant image of bougainvillea, is artistically swirled by Krul, a retired plant science professor who donated a large collection of photographs to the fundraiser.

The works of art that will be included in the auction can be viewed at As local artists donate their extraordinary work, the site will include more photos and descriptions of the pieces available.

People’s Credit Union is hosting artwork from the auction for public viewing.

Three original oil paintings of the Narrow River (Pettaquamscutt) are on display at the People’s Credit Union Wakefield Branch at 150 Tower Hill Road in Wakefield. Over the next few months, each of the UCP branches will be presenting illustrations of the fundraiser.

NRPA said it was extremely grateful for the support and partnership from People’s Credit Union,


In Narragansett, The Bike Stop Café at 148 Boon St., is again open for dinner Thursday through Sunday. Owner Casey Montanari said she resumed eating in person in early December after being closed due to the pandemic since March 2020.

“It would have been nice to open for the summer, but there was just this staffing issue that hampered that possibility,” she said, referring to the problem that many businesses faced with a shortage assistance for full-time and part-time positions.

All staff are vaccinated at the cafe and she said she has never had a single positive case of COVID among staff members. All protocols are followed for the protection of staff and customers, she added.

At the moment, the restaurant is open Thursday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Friday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. mac and cheese and more.

“It feels really good to be open again, to have a kind of return to normal and to see our customers again. I missed them, ”she said, although many have continued to frequent the cafe thanks to a strong take-out business she has operated since the start of the pandemic.

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