Brewster Rewards and Friendship Guide

Animal crossing: new horizons finally added fan favorites NPC Brewster and The Roost Cafe with their massive 2.0 update. Many players have been delighted to see the barista pigeon settling on their islands, as it has been a Animal crossing must-have for decades. The Roost Cafe has become another place in the Nintendo game where players can get together with friends, and the cafe even offers new opportunities for players to interact with other NPCs. Plus, Brewster has a secret: it rewards frequent customers.

The more coffee you buy, the better the gifts Brewster gives. But how much caffeine do you practically need to consume to get each reward? Here is the full list.

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How to unlock Brewster and The Roost in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

When you’ve donated enough artwork to the museum, Blathers gets a thought bubble above their head the next time you visit. Talk to him and he will tell you about his friend Brewster and how the cafe might attract more visitors to the museum. He gives you a picture of Brewster and instructs you to find the pigeon to recruit him.

You can find Brewster on your first boat trip with Kapp’n, which costs 1,000 miles. On the Mysterious Island, you can invite Brewster to open his cafe at the museum. He is eager to do so, but the museum will have to close the next day for renovations. After that, The Roost will open 24/7. You can buy as many cups of coffee as you want per day for 200 bells each. After your first few cups, Brewster lets you buy take-out coffee for 300 bells.

All Brewster rewards in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ and when to get them

Brewster knows that one of the best ways to bring customers back is to reward them for their frequent visits. So when you sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee with him, that counts for a price. However, it is important to note that only your first cup of the day will count. As Animal Crossing World notes, Brewster has seven items to donate. They are:

  • Shortbread Roost Biscuit Recipe: A DIY unlocked with 5 cups of coffee. The recipe calls for 1 flour and 2 sugars, which you can get by growing wheat and sugar cane.
  • Coffee beans: A cabinet unlocked for 10 cups of coffee. You will get one of five variations: Original, Moka, Kilimanjaro, Blue Mountain, or Decaf.
  • Cup with saucer: A cabinet unlocked for 15 cups of coffee. The Roost Cafe logo can be found on the side of the mug.
  • Coffee factory: A cabinet unlocked for 20 cups of coffee.
  • Siphon: A cabinet unlocked for 30 cups of coffee.
  • Professional coffee grinder: A cabinet unlocked for 40 cups of coffee.
  • Brewstoid: A special gyroid unlocked at 50 cups of coffee. He is inspired by Brewster, but sings and dances like a regular gyroid.

With just one cup per day, earning each reward can take a while. Make sure to visit Brewster every day to earn ‘points’. If you’re not sure how many cups you’ve purchased, you can always check out the Nook Miles app under the ‘Come Home to the Roost’ achievement. Just like Brewster rewards, you earn points for Nook Miles with one purchase per day.

Is Brewster getting any friendlier?

Brewster may seem rude at first because he’s not very talkative. However, this character is similar to Sable at Able Sisters in that he’ll warm up with you. Every time you visit, the dialogue opens for more discussion. Sometimes he will even offer his special pigeon milk for your coffee – a real sign of Brewster’s friendship.

Animal crossing: new horizons is available now on Nintendo Switch, along with the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

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