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The Crescent City Village Board of Directors met on Monday October 4 at Town Hall. Mayor Mark Rabe opened the meeting at 7 p.m. Clerk Cathy Christensen took the call in the presence of the following directors: Steve Carley, Dennis Ritzma, Joe Belott, Jim Sorensen and Kim Rabe. Also present were Carolyn Rapp, treasurer of the village; Al Johnson, village maintenance engineer; Mike Rodosky, representative of United Meters, Inc .; and Sean McBride, ERH representative.

Rodosky gave a little history of his company which will oversee the completion of the installation of new water meters in the village. He gave an overview of how his company will contact residents and begin the work of installing water meters in every home and business. All residents, whether or not they already have a new meter, will receive a letter from the company explaining their approach. It is very important that residents respond to the demand and if a new meter has already been installed, a call to the company will remove you from the list.

After sending a letter, a door hanger will be placed on each residence that has not responded to the request. The company will work with residents to agree on a time for the installation that will cause the least inconvenience to the owner. The village board is asking all residents to do their best to cooperate with the workers at United Meters.

Workers will be easily identifiable as they will wear yellow vests with the company logo or yellow safety shirts. The trucks are white and bear the company logo. More information on who will be installing the meters will be available on the village’s Facebook page: Crescent City, IL 60928. Installations are generally Monday through Friday, but Saturday appointments can also be made.

Sean McBride was in attendance and Christensen read the monthly report. He noted that the hydrants are due to be flushed this week, and that will take place in the evening. A discussion took place on the location of some of the old water meters and how much remains to be installed. The replacement of fire hydrants will continue.

Johnson noted that the Christmas decorations have yet to be received, so he will be making a sign with the address of the township building. He pointed out that he needed the portable meter as he would need it to read the new water meters. He said there is a clean compost pile in the landfill if a resident needs it.

The September meeting minutes were discussed and approved.

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Rapp presented his reports – the village report and the community center report were accepted as presented.

In new business, the board of directors accepted the resignation of trustee Scott Dirks. A few names have been mentioned and Mayor Rabe will check to see if there is anyone interested in the position; the nomination would be until next spring – with the nominee having the opportunity to stand for election to retain the seat.

Trick-or-Treat hours have been set for 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday, October 31. Of course, trick-or-treats can come out earlier if they wish, but it is requested that they only go where the porch lights are on. Those who distribute treats are asked to ensure that the aisles leading to their homes are clear.

Further discussions took place on the village dumpster. A few ideas have been shared, but a decision will be made at a later meeting. The dumpster was meant to help residents with cleaning – like getting rid of old furniture etc. The landfill was not intended for projects such as property clean-up or renovation / construction work. For these large jobs, the resident or owner of the business is responsible for renting their own dumpster.

Residents are urged to do their best to cooperate with United Meters as they work towards the completion of the installation of the water meters. It requires a totally different way of reading water consumption meters and printing bills. Anyone with questions can contact Mayor Mark Rabe.

The meeting rose at 9 p.m. and the next meeting was set for 7 p.m. on Monday, November 1.

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