Blog: Technology to customize colors, directly in the store, on site

We all went to a home improvement store and found that they no longer stock all of the different paint colors. Instead, they have the base paint, to which a helpful clerk adds the pigment and shakes it with great vigor to give you the exact color you desire.

Ralph Lauren developed a similar concept with Dow, using only cotton shirts. Soon you will be able to walk into a store and find a white cotton shirt, and it will be dyed to your perfect color right there in the store. Think about how this will save on inventory.

I can imagine a home furnishings store in the not-so-distant future that has a range of home decor items such as rugs, rugs, curtains, and even upholstered furniture in key textures and sizes. Like a paint store today, this retailer will have cards that show three or four colors that complement each other perfectly. You choose which color goes on which item, and it’s created especially for you in no time. Even those who are color blind will be able to create a room with beautifully coordinated colors.

Technology will allow us to improve our lives again.

WW “Jerry” Epperson, Jr. is a Founder and Managing Director of Mann, Armistead & Epperson, Ltd., an investment bank and research firm. Jerry leads their research efforts and has over thirty years of experience in publishing hard and soft dollar research studies focused on demographics, consumer products, furniture (residential and contract) and related matters. Specifically, Jerry’s research in the furniture industry is recognized around the world for its in-depth coverage of suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

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