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Which Chewy cat trick is the best?

Almost all cats enjoy climbing, exploring tight spaces, basking from high vantage points, and scratching. To encourage their pets to adopt these behaviors in a way that does not damage household items, many cat owners purchase cat towers for their indoor companions. Often referred to as “cat trees,” these pet furniture appeal directly to a cat’s natural instincts with their carpeted, climbing surfaces and various perching possibilities.

Chewy’s wide range of cat towers are suitable for cats of all sizes and activity levels. The Frisco 48 ” Sturdy Faux Fur Cat Tree and Condo is one of their best. With its reasonable height, sturdy construction, scratch-off poles, and accommodating hiding place, there’s something for every cat.

What to Know Before Buying a Chewy Cat Tower

Your planned location

Cat towers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some reaching heights that can almost touch the ceiling. Even smaller cat towers will require a space large enough for your cat to safely use one. Think about where you plan to place your cat tower and pay close attention to the area around it. For particularly tall towers, avoid placing them too close to ceiling fans or light fixtures, as your cat may view these devices as extensions of their playground and attempt to jump on them. If the primary function of your cat tower is to encourage your cat to choose it over your couch when it comes to scratching, consider keeping the tower in an area of ​​your home away from larger settings. delicate. This can persuade your cat to spend less time near areas you want to protect.

Your expectations

A cat tower alone is rarely enough to completely discourage a cat from destroying other furniture. Realize that additional training and encouragement will likely be needed to discourage unwanted behavior. Also, as any cat owner who bought an expensive toy for ignoring it in favor of the box it arrived in will tell you, keep in mind that your cat cannot automatically fall in love with their tower. , always preferring to sleep or play elsewhere.

Your cat’s habits

Consider your cat’s personality and activity level when viewing cat towers. Older cats may find it difficult to climb, which makes a particularly high tower uncomfortable. However, younger cats, especially athletic cats, are likely to enjoy spending their energy on a tall, climbing device. Keep your pet’s preferences, size, and health in mind in order to choose a tower that is best for them.

What to look for in a quality Chewy cat tower


One of the first things you’ll notice when browsing Chewy is that height plays a key role in the price and configuration of cat towers. Taller towers allow your pet to observe their domain from a high point of view, away from other animals, which many cats prefer. Shorter laps, however, will likely be cheaper and more accessible to older animals who may experience joint pain or other ailments that hamper their ability to climb. Keep in mind that a cat tower that is higher than your furniture will be more attractive to your pet than one that is closer to the ground.

Hiding places

Cats love good hiding places, and most cat towers make use of this by providing a box or two for your pet to rest. If you have multiple cats, be sure to select a tower that includes multiple boxes or at least one large enough to accommodate both pets.


Some cat towers include accessories, such as hanging toys, ropes, and hammocks. The value of these additions will be limited to your cat’s playfulness and toy preferences. Cats that play aggressively or chew on their toys may be content with those that are in turn attached, so think carefully about your pet’s behavior before allowing the inclusion of toys to determine which ride you purchase.

How Much You Can Expect To Spend On A Chewy Cat Tower

While Chewy offers luxury cat towers that can cost close to $ 500, the majority of cat owners will find a suitable tower for their pet for $ 50 to $ 100. High-end towers tend to be taller and made from higher quality materials.

Chew Tower FAQ

Why are cat towers good for cats?

A. Cat towers allow your pet to climb, hide, and jump. The exercise and exploration that a cat tower encourages is great for your cat’s physical and emotional health. Shy cats also like being able to see their surroundings clearly. Having a piece of furniture dedicated to scratching also allows your pet to engage in this natural behavior without stressing you out by ruining your property.

How do I encourage my cat to use his tower?

A. Cats are generally wary of new objects, people, and places. To encourage your cat to explore and get used to her turn, consider sprinkling some catnip on it. You can also hide your pet’s favorite toys and treats on the tower to keep exploring.

Can I use a cat tower outdoors?

A. Cat towers are designed for indoor use. Moisture and inclement weather will cause most models to quickly collapse or succumb to mold and rot. Outdoor cats are usually sufficiently stimulated by the outside world, although a cat tower kept in a garage or dry barn can provide your pet with sheltered comfort.

What’s the best chewy cat tower to buy?

Chewy Cat Tower Top

Frisco 48 ” Sturdy Faux Fur Cat Tree and Condo

What would you like to know: This cat tower is tall, fully carpeted and built to last.

What you will love: At 48 inches tall, this tower allows your cat to have a good view, without placing them so high that they are out of reach. Rugged, with a hiding place roomy enough for large cats, this tower will meet almost any cat owner need. Available in various colors.

What you should consider: This tower can be difficult to assemble.

Or buy: Sold by Chewy

Top Chewy Cat Trick For The Money

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 28-in

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 28-in

What would you like to know: Ideal for small cats and kittens, this cat tower is available in three colors.

What you will love: Featuring plush faux fur for comfort and a scratching rope, this cat tower will seduce your pet in a variety of natural ways. Its small size makes it ideal for very young or old cats.

What you should consider: The small size of this model is restrictive for large cats, especially in its hiding place.

Or buy: Sold by Chewy

To check

Go Pet Club 74 '' Forest with Leaves

Go Pet Club 74 ” Forest with Leaves

What would you like to know: This cat tower is great for adventurous climbers or homes with more than one cat.

What you will love: At 74 inches tall, this tower is perfect for active and curious cats. It features faux leaves to give your cat an outdoor feeling.

What you should consider: The generous height of this tower can make it a bit unstable for particularly large or heavy animals, especially in homes where several cats can play at the same time.

Or buy: Sold by Chewy

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