Bespoke Fabricator Turns to Microvellum to Overcome Staffing Shortage

There is no doubt that the strength of any company lies in its employees. But these days, finding the right people can be difficult for some manufacturers. A Staffordshire company has found a solution to managing the shortage of skilled workers with AutoCAD-based technology provided by Microvellum.

Tek Contracts is a specialty bespoke manufacturer that does everything – from specialty fixtures, bespoke millwork and office interiors to dental, pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities.

“After the retirement of our carpentry manager, we struggled to find his replacement, someone with the level of knowledge required to ensure the smooth running of our projects”, explains Chris Perrior, general manager. “So we started looking at our options to see if we could replace the need for a carpentry manager with one or two production managers, a CAD technician and new software.

“We spent a lot of time reviewing our systems and researching several types of software that we thought had potential. In the end, we chose Microvellum.

Microvellum helps companies align their processes on a flexible platform – developed to give users full control over how they assess projects, design, engineer and manufacture products. The program’s open architecture provides users with the tools to personalize their experience, resulting in a competitive advantage that streamlines the entire design-to-manufacturing process.

“One of the fastest benefits of our Microvellum software is that once the initial design is complete, most of the work is done,” says Chris. “Drawings are automatically detailed, the cut list with detailed edge detail notes is established, project reports are ready for viewing; all that remains is to process the project for cutting on our SCM Pratix router. »

Microvellum’s platform is well suited for small to large manufacturers with point-to-point machining centers, nested routers, saws, and other types of automated CNC machines. The comprehensive software includes a fully integrated solution for part optimization, machine code generation and on-demand part labeling.

“Once our projects are processed, the code is sent directly to the CNC and the labels and instructions are printed right next to our machine,” says Chris.

“We challenged ourselves to think differently, to find a software solution that helped us fill the void in our process left by someone who retired. Microvellum not only provided us with a platform to improve the way we work and operate our carpentry shop, but also a foundation for future growth. The difference in efficiency compared to our old workflow is significant. »

If he were to offer any advice, Chris says he would encourage other companies facing skill shortages to invest time in finding software that suits their needs. [woodworking] Company.

In the future, the team would like to explore the option of an e-commerce site for regularly produced products. They are also studying some new CNC machines to integrate into the workshop, as well as a panel saw and a vertical drill.

“We would easily recommend Microvellum as a good place to stop looking if you are serious about investing in your next software upgrade,” Chris concludes.

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