Barry Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Crazytimesh*tshow

It’s a fortuitous moment, as Cristobal’s wife, Elena (spelling not immediately available to me at the time of publication, sorry!) arrives in the United States in an effort to avenge her father’s death. She immediately orders what remains of the Bolivians to stage a raid on the Chechens, and they arrive at the Chechen base of operations along with the police, just as one of Hank’s men shows the former mobsters Chechens the lay of the land. through FaceTime. It’s a chaotic scene that’s cleverly filmed from an aerial angle, giving the raid a sense of scale. Once again, it seems that the already dwindling numbers of Chechens and Bolivians are decreasing further.

Meanwhile, Barry feels depressed again after his breakup with Sally. He turns to Hank and Cristobal for advice, which seems silly at first, but Hank has some enlightening things to say. He rightly points out that Barry’s double life leads him to become a pressure cooker ready to explode. He suggests that he try to show Sally his true self, or at least as much as he can. Since Barry has the emotional maturity of a schoolboy, he decides to make a collage to depict his true self, including photos of Michael Jordan and Ohio. However, Sally is a bit preoccupied with her own drama to process Barry’s attempted opening.

Turns out Sally’s show, Joplin, has been cancelled. After appearing momentarily on the homepage of the fictional streaming service Banshee, Sally is called into a meeting where she learns that Joplin just doesn’t hit the right “like groups”. It’s another perfect rendition of Hollywood’s fickleness and how much “algorithmically” driven creative decisions these days. Although Natalie gives Sally a heartfelt speech about the importance of looking at her creative process and work ethic, it’s not enough to stop Sally from feeling like the world is ending.

When she returns to her apartment to find Barry, she relays the news and Barry tries to offer his own helpful words. In a sweet and disturbing tone, Barry suggests that he break into the Banshee leader’s house and take pictures of her sleeping or “change the furniture so she thinks she’s shrinking” . It’s another brilliant dark comedy moment, as Barry’s flippant tone makes his mounting threats even funnier. Sally is horrified, like everyone else, and asks Barry to leave. Although there were other hints, this was the first time Barry had truly lowered the veil to show his true self, and Sally recoiled in disgust. How he approaches it from here will be interesting.

Elsewhere, Gene slowly finds himself reveling in the second chance Barry has given him. Whether it’s getting an expanded role and accolades for his work on laws of humanity or being able to buy his son a house to make amends, it seems Gene forgets what Barry has done and begins to focus on his redemption. He attends the party at Joe Mantegna’s house, and while grateful for the kindness shown by his former peer, another partygoer is less willing to forgive. A woman named Annie, who was in a relationship with Gene and directed him in productions, claims that Gene blackballed her in New York and Los Angeles after their relationship ended, ending her directing career. It looks like Gene’s apology tour will continue, but when will he focus on Barry again?

Finally, Fuches reappears and visits Taylor’s sister, who died in Season 1 in the failed butt rush at the Bolivian airfield. It seems like a whole army of disgruntled family members of Barry’s victims have been assembled, but Fuches played a part in it all, and it’s only a matter of time before it comes to light. Julie and her son tried to take Barry out after his argument with Sally, but Julie ends up mistakenly shooting her son in the stomach instead, pointing out why people hire professionals like Barry in the first place.

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