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Remember that buying invisible furniture online – not just lamps and ottomans, but also capital F furniture like sofas and dining tables – was considered a risk? Then came the pandemic.

“Before that, at least from a business perspective, Article being a digital native company and having no showrooms was seen as a barrier,” says Hayley Dyrndahl, responsible for the brand’s B2B sales program. But with everything stopped, the playing field has been leveled. Person had showrooms, letting consumers and designers scour the web for items for the home. The article was well prepared. While many industry players have scrambled to speed up e-commerce operations, Article had already sold and shipped nearly a million items online by the time the pandemic lockdowns set in, and its site , first launched in 2013, had been perfected over time. an elegant and practical tool.

“Designers realized they were going to have to change the way they bought furniture,” says Dyrndahl. “In the process, many looked to see who had an established online presence.” Item did.

Philadelphia designer Annmarie Naples, who first came across the company about five years ago while looking for a sofa online, was ahead of the curve. After trying her luck on Article’s signature Sven couch, she’s had “one good experience after another” as her business program partner ever since. Today, Naples relies on Article for Trade to help furnish residential and commercial projects, most recently using the brand to complete a client’s rental property in Vermont. “Every room in this house is article-centric,” she says. “The most common comment on Airbnb is, ‘I want to own everything here. Where does this stuff come from? ‘”

Founded in 2011 in Vancouver, Canada, Article designs, manufactures and delivers distinctive furniture with widespread appeal. The brand has become known for its mid-century modernized pieces made from natural materials like leather, marble and oak. The very first item the company sold in 2013 was its Sven sofa; since then, the company has sold over 120,000 Svens. With Article for Trade, designers can enjoy the same convenience of e-commerce along with the company’s signature customer service.

Sven sofa signature of the articleCourtesy of the article

One of the main advantages of the trade program is its flat rate shipping: $49 for door-to-door delivery; $169 for on-site assembly. “Whether you placed a $5,000 order or a $25,000 order, that price remains the same,” she adds. Another is the expense rebate, which can be as high as 15%.

These benefits make a difference. “This makes Article products very easy to sell,” says Naples. She cites the Nova, Lubek and Divan sectionals, the Hira rug and the Caliper bookcase among her favorites and is particularly impressed with the durability of the brand’s outdoor collection.

The item’s digital approach made it a handy resource for designers during the COVID showroom closure. The brand has also taken steps to deal with another side effect of the pandemic: supply chain grunts. In 2021, to help oversee and further streamline product development in China, Malaysia and Vietnam, where the company manufactures its furniture, Article opened its first satellite office in Ho Chi Minh City. Dyrndahl credits having “boots in the field” overseas as one of the main reasons the brand has been able to keep products in stock in the United States.

To fill orders quickly, Article for Trade uses a three-pronged strategy. First, it stores products deep in a network of warehouses – the company has a combined storage space of 1,370,000 square feet. Second, it locates Item Delivery Teams (ADTs) in the United States and parts of Canada who can move products just about anywhere at any time. And third, it assigns each individual project a dedicated service professional to follow it from order to installation.

“We aim to have all items available at all times, with a two-week lead time for what’s in stock,” Dyrndahl says of this holistic approach. Need to be sure? The Article site allows designers to check by article, zip code, stock status and ETA. Business partners can also instantly generate a quote based on the contents of their cart. Six warehouses, from New Jersey to Florida to Washington, serve 12 major cities. “We will hold an order if a customer is not quite ready to receive it. We will consolidate a shipping list from separate warehouses. We will expedite delivery if that is what needs to be done. We are there every step of the way,” adds Dyrndahl.

When an occasional glitch occurs, the designated Business Support Liaison steps in to resolve it. “While we have evolved, we have ensured that Account Managers remain an end-to-end solution for our trading partners, helping not only the specification process at the start, but all the way through to delivery check-ins “Says Dyrndahl. Such personalized support eliminates the frustration of dealing with an anonymous customer service representative who has no idea of ​​the details of a project or the all-too-common problem of not receiving any status updates.” “It’s an experience we never want our partners to have,” she says. “Article prides itself on being transparent and proactive with designers and consumers alike.”

“Article for Trade’s customer service is second to none. As, to anyone“, explains Naples. Her hometown of Philadelphia, with its cramped townhouses, gritty industrial lofts and labyrinthine street parking laws, is no shortage of challenges, but she says the “white glove” team at Article for Trade rose to the occasion: “No problem is too small. They answer comments. And they answer their phones! These days, you can’t put a price on that.

This story is a paid promotion and was created in partnership with Article.

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