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Translation credit: 25Night and other unknowns

Integrated strategy: Phantom and Crimson Solitaire

  1. When a race is over, successful or not, you will earn “Candles (formerly Cake)” and “Inspiration (Mushroom)” based on the Operators, Collectibles, and Coins you earned during the race.

  2. Identical to IS1, 3 difficulties, “A visit to the castle”, “Formal investigation”, “Facing the disaster”

3. Recruitment of Operators:

a) At the start of the race you need to choose a team (basically the same as the IS1 start buff)

b) After choosing the team, you will have 4 choices which include different operator tickets.

Choice A: Vanguard x1, Sniper x1, Specialist x1

Choice B: Defender x1, Spellcaster x1, Sharpshooter x1

Choice C: Guard x1, Supporter x1, Medic x1

Choice D: 3 random tickets but one of them will guarantee a 4 * temporary recruit

c) When recruiting at the start of the race, you can use your friend’s support units

4. Operator level

a. Same as before, first recruit of level E1 Max, E2 unlocked during the new recruit

b. Return of IS Limited Operators (Sharp, Stormeye, Pith and Touch)

vs. The new operator “Twilight” will be available as a temporary recruit before becoming your official operator (will be available later)

5 Star Operator recruit costs have been reduced from 4 to 3.

5. Knots

a) Battle: Random battle, random reward

b) Emergency operation: harder battle, better reward

c) Boss battle: the boss will appear in the scene, some special bosses will only appear when certain conditions are met

d) Random event: Random event

e) Entertainment: Random entertainment event, exchange of resources or expenditure of resources for a random reward

f) Castle Gift: Random free reward, has a chance to be changed to a “Gift of Fate” node which grants rarer items

g) Shelter

h) Shop

“Temporary Hit Points” will be displayed at the start of each battle.

6. Collectible Ingot and Originium

a) To collect

b) Directory: a temporary buff effect that will only be active for the current floor, if a directory is acquired at the last node of the floor, it will be activated instead on the next floor

c) Strategic items: item that you can bring and use inside the scene, max 1 item. If you win another item, you can choose to replace the current item

7. Change theme

a) IS2 is now a permanent system

b) During IS2 there will be an update for the “Extra Notebook Page”, “Monthly Team” and “Monthly Requests” each month

c) Apart from that, during IS2 there will also be 2 content expansions, one will unlock the “Deep Investigation” mode, the other will include a brand new theme

d) When all IS2 content is released, it will remain as a permanent IS that you can play at any time

e) The next SI theme will be released by 2022

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