Architectural Digest editors share 21 of their favorite black-owned businesses

It’s no secret that we love a good shopping spree here at AD and Clever, and if we can support innovative creators and entrepreneurs while we do, all the more reason to splurge! To kick off Black History Month, we’re sharing some of our favorite black-owned businesses to shop for furniture, decor, accessories and more. Stylish bathroom accessories from Sean Brown, one of a kind E&KO. furniture, or all manner of gifts from Goodee, read on for full exclusivity on a few of the products we know and love (or have added to our personal wishlists). Good shopping!

Hoola Cool Green Beaded Ceiling Lamp

“54kibo, Nana Quagraine’s decoration platform, offers everything from luxury tableware and textiles to baby gifts and high-end furniture. The common thread that connects all these products? Nana’s dedication to finding the best in contemporary African design. More recently, I have been delighted to see the work of South African lighting design studio Mash.T, whose work is woven and beaded by hand. — Rachel Fletcher, Business Writer

“Designer Akosua Afriyie-Kuma’s gorgeous raffia handbags are precisely the kind of accessory I always look for to spice up a photo shoot, something with bright colors, alluring shapes and finely crafted details. Hand woven in Ghana (where the designer currently resides), the bags radiate not only beauty but also fun. AAKS should take a serious step into the homeware business. After all, who doesn’t love a raffia pom pom? — Mayer Rus, West Coast Editor

Alysia Mazzella Tealight Candles

“There’s nothing like the smell of burning beeswax to make a room feel welcoming. I’m an Earth sign, so I thrive when I’m grounded – creating good vibes in your home environment through scent is crucial to unlocking this level of inner peace. I became familiar with Alysia Mazzella and her beeswax practice during the pandemic and have never looked at candles the same way since. I use those packets of tealight candles she sells so much. At this point, I should be on the subscription plan so I never miss out again!” — Sydney Gore, Digital Design Editor

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Cloud Sock Brother Vellies

“Chances are you’ve seen a pair of Brother Vellies shoes on one of your favorite people (my last obsessed moment: on Molly, in the season finale of Unsafe). You probably also know the brand from its incredible creative director and founder, Aurora James (hello, Fifteen Percent Pledge!). But on the socks – since I don’t see my bare feet from October to June, I’m always on the hunt for the most comfortable and delicious shoes, and these cloud socks are perfect. Plus, they come in so many amazing colors, so a great item to stock up on. — Zoë Sessums, Digital Design Writer

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“If IRL hardware gives you goosebumps, there’s never been a better time to spec your next remote wall finish. Clare, a brand founded in 2018, is shortlisted for my next home improvement project. It’s VOC-free, self-priming, and offers cheeky shades like Meet Cute (an updated millennial pink), Two Scoops (a sage variation), and the honestly named Greige. Clare also offers a color quiz and inexpensive sample packs – sweet mercy for indecisive DIYers like me. — Lila Allen, AD PRO Writer

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Curves by Sean Brown Shower Curtain

“Chances are you’ve seen one of Sean Brown’s custom CD rugs on Clever, your IG feed, or at many stylish celebrity homes, but the Toronto-based designer keeps a comprehensive selection of items from creative home decor and design stocked in the Curves store. I looked at this amazing shower curtain covered in iconic chair designs (because yeah, I love chairs on everything too), and I think 2022 is the year I have to bring it home once and for all. all. — Rachel Fletcher, Business Writer

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“I’ve been taking pottery lessons on and off since 2019. It’s a great creative outlet for someone who stares at a computer screen all day for work, and it’s incredibly meditative and relaxing. It is also extremely difficult. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made, but I continue to be in awe of other artists whose work I see at the studio I go to or online. When we were asked to spotlight our favorite black-owned businesses for Black History Month, I knew I had to share some of the black ceramists I admire who are doing awesome things with wood. ‘clay. London James of Porcelain Sneakerhead, Virginia Felix of Keraclay, Whitney Simpkins of Personal Best Ceramics and Tiana Tucker are all awesome, as is Sherród Faulks of Deep Black, who makes minimalist pieces in rich colors, like this decorative dish that doubles as a incense. burner. I also highly recommend following @black_ceramicists on Instagram for even more! — Rachel Wallace, Digital Entertainment Editor

Emmanuel Olunkwa with his E&Ko. functional furniture collection. Photo: Jasmine Clarke

Photo: Jasmine Clarke
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“Just before Emmanuel Olunkwa became editor-in-chief of Pin up, he launched a line of his own functional furniture. My favorite piece from the collection is this adorable birch plywood side table. I envy everyone who snagged it during the last round of the Ssense sale! Long Live Flower Power ✿” — Sydney Gore, Digital Design Editor

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