Aquarius monthly horoscope for November 2021, astrology forecasts

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  • Thursday November 4: New Moon in Scorpio
  • Friday, November 5: Mercury enters Scorpio and Venus enters Capricorn
  • Friday November 19: Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
  • Tuesday, November 21: the Sun enters Sagittarius

    Aquarius, I have some important cosmic news for you, so buckle up! November brings change and I want you to feel well prepared to make the most of it. The month kicks off with a pivotal New Moon in Scorpio on November 4th in your 10th house of work and career. You guessed it! It is time to uplift yourself, make a change, or clean up what is no longer needed in the area of ​​your life path. Scorpio is all about depth, and this new lunar cycle brings the depth you need into this area of ​​your life. Prepare for a new start!

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    The next day, November 4, the communication planet Mercury will also enter Scorpio. This transit will encourage you to change and remove what no longer works in relation to important contracts and agreements in your career. Serious conversations about this could surface, so it’s important to make sure you lead and articulate the vision you have for yourself, my lovely Aquarius Goddess. You are a celestial individual, so have your unique energy, baby! On the same day, Venus, the mistress of worth, love and beauty, will hide in your 12th house in structured Capricorn. Let’s call it a positive cosmic cleansing of anything that keeps you from feeling grounded and fulfilled.

    Get ready for the start of Eclipse Season this month, too! On November 19, the Taurus Lunar Eclipse will kick off this new six-month transformative eclipse cycle representing change in your home, emotional world, and work life. There is also a Full Moon, but of course, this is a more serious punch, where the Taurus Moon will be opposite the Scorpio Sun. Moving, renovating your home, and aligning yourself on a path that is most beneficial to you can manifest itself.

    At the end of the month, the Sagittarius season begins on November 21 when the Sun enters your zone of hopes, dreams and network. It’s time for a much needed dose of optimism and renewed energy, especially after such a transformative Scorpio season. You can’t grow up without changing, can you, doll? This new season will be social and you will have the motivation to connect with those who can help you progress towards your goals. Move over as December sets in, my innovative waterbearing priestess!

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