Animal Crossing’s Fishing Tournament Needs Better Prizes

Animal Crossing: New Horizons needs new Fishing Tournament prizes to make participation rewarding for players, as the current prizes have become obsolete.

The events of the fishing tournament in Animal Crossing: New Horizons allow players to win prizes for fishing, but new prizes need to be added to keep the event interesting. Fish in New Horizons can be a great way to pass the time, with different fish available to catch depending on the time of year. However, the Fishing Tourney event can make the leisure activity more exciting, adding a short time limit and fish-themed prizes as an incentive to cast a line.

The Fishing Tournament event takes place four times a year at New Horizons. Players can participate in January, April, July, and October, each with different seasonal fish available. Unfortunately, like many events in Animal Crossing: New HorizonsFishing Tournament has seen little change since the game’s initial release in 2020. Because of this, long-time players have likely secured all the great prizes offered in exchange for Fishing Points.


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Currently there is a good selection of items that New Horizons players can get by using fishing points. Aquatic decorations like the Anchor Statue, Fish Door Plaque, and Cool Cooler allow players to show off their fishing skills in homes or around islands. There are also wearable items such as the Fish Pochette, Fish-Print Tee, and Fish Umbrella that allow players to incorporate the hobby into their personal styles. However, many of these items are very plain, devoid of colorings or appearances of different fish species, which makes the whole selection quite boring compared to other event-related items in New Horizons.

New prizes would make Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Fishing Tournament fresh in 2022

Players and villagers face off in July in Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Fishing Tournament

To help make Animal Crossing: New Horizons Interesting and fun fishing tournament after more than two years of the same event record, Animal Crossing: New Horizons could add new “expert” level decorative elements. These prizes could be unlocked after earning a certain number of fishing points and could include new and interesting furniture, clothing and accessories to collect. A puffer fish pouch would help add variety to the plain fish items currently included, while an octopus sofa could be the perfect accent piece for an aqua lounge design. New Horizons could also add mythical items based on mermaids, Lochness or selkies, providing a touch of whimsy at the more practical prices already available.

Besides, Animal Crossing: New Horizons should add new challenges with different prize brackets to Fishing Tournaments. This could include a contest for the most fish given to Blathers, the most shells dug up on the beach, or the most treasures found while diving in the water around player islands. These tasks could also include a time limit and could introduce new prizes unique to each challenge. These additions would give those who wish to participate in the event a variety of new event tasks to enjoy and do. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fishing Tournament days are more interesting for new fans and long-time fans of the game.

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