AAPI Month 2022: Home Decor and Accessories from Asian American Companies

The United States is filled with people who come from different backgrounds and histories. Many of these people are immigrants who have traveled to the United States to start a new life or to raise a family. Although it can be difficult to start from scratch, these immigrants have persevered and continue to work hard to support their loved ones and their community.

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander month. One of the easiest ways to show support for the Asian community is to shop at their stores. Here are some of our favorite Asian companies for home decor and accessories.

Corner Sofa II | TRNK

The Angle II sofa from TRNK is an extension of the classic Angle shape. It is reimagined with cutouts to create negative space and the product is a nod to 20th century modernism. The couch costs $5,395. We get it, it’s quite expensive but each piece is made to order and designed to last a lifetime. It is also built from American manufacturers and includes Italian leathers.

Fat Tiger Entrance Mat |  Yamibuy

Fat Tiger Entrance Mat | Yamibuy

2022 is the year of the tiger according to the Chinese zodiac. For $25, check out the Fat Tiger Entrance Mat and greet people with the cute zodiac. The grumpy tiger is adorable!

Build your 12 |  Cadence

Build your 12 | Cadence

If you travel often and need a great way to organize your stuff, consider Cadence’s Build Your 12. It’s customizable to fit your routine so you can feel calm and in control every day. The whole package can fit in a liter sized bag and the magnetic capsules are leak proof.

Eucalyptus duvet cover |  SIJO

Eucalyptus duvet cover | SIJO

All of SIJO’s eucalyptus duvet covers and bedding are created sustainably. For $105, the Eucalyptus Duvet Cover has 5 stars from 1157 reviews. The comforter features durable coconut shell buttons and easy to use corner straps. It’s designed to keep you cool in the summer heat and warm in the winter months.

The essential pouf |  SABAI

The essential pouf | SABAI

SABAI’s Essential Ottoman retails for $395. Customize your ottoman with their range of fabrics made from recycled velvet and recycled polyester, then choose one of their three leg options. Place it anywhere in your home as a coffee table or extra seating.

Dishwasher Starter Kit |  BLUE EARTH

Dishwasher Starter Kit | BLUE EARTH

You have probably understood that Asian culture is synonymous with sustainability and love for the planet. If you want to completely change your life and live a more sustainable lifestyle, consider BLUELAND’s Dishwasher Starter Kit for $18. Everything is powder, no plastic. The tablets are PVA/PVOH free so you can wash your dishes safely.

More Asian-owned businesses to support

  • Jung Lee’s New York is a great destination for housewares. You can find antique treasures, tables and fine glassware.
  • Society Social is a Filipino-American brand that sells a range of furniture, accessories, decor, and more.
  • Pearl River was founded by native Taiwanese and offers everything from tableware, cookware, wall decor and art.
  • Krane Home is a Korean-American company that offers wallpaper, fabric, art, pillows and towels. There’s a wide variety of baby-centric items, including snacks and hair bows.
  • MAAARI is another Filipino-American brand that offers homewares, accessories, and jewelry. All of their items are inspired by Filipino culture and feature a wide variety of sustainable treats.
  • Sun at Six is ​​a great way to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle. This Chinese-American brand uses unique ways to assemble furniture. Instead of screws and nails, each element is designed to intertwine, like a puzzle. Shop from their dressers, chairs and beds.
  • Samantha Lee is a ceramic artist and illustrator based in San Francisco. She uses her art as a reflection of her travels and you can buy vases of plants, ink sketches and lighting.

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