8 things Animal Crossing fans will love about the Early Access game

Dinkum is a new game that combines several aspects of many popular games, like Stardew Valley, Minecraftand Animal Crossing: New Horizons. An indie game created by James Bendon, Dinkum allows players to create their own city on an island inspired by the Australian outback.

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Dinkum is currently in early access but has many features that already make it a playable and enjoyable game. It’s a game with its own unique charms and a lot to offer on its own, but it has some features that fans of the game will love. animal crossing franchise.

8 The island is huge

The island on which players will be able to both name and create their city is a huge expanse of land. There are four different biomes to explore; tropical, bushland, desert and the “cold” biome. Each of these biomes has unique characteristics, including the types of animals and plants found there.

There are also different climates depending on the player’s location on the island. It is generally warmer in the north and cooler in the south. It is also possible to travel from one level of the island to another without using ladders, vines or ramps.

seven Can place objects smoothly

Players start with a tent and a sleeping bag, but over time they can own their own house to decorate the interior and make it more cozy. But even with the simple tent, players can move and place objects freely, without switching to another mode. In animal crossing players could only pick up and place items based on the direction their character was facing away from home.

But in Dinkum, players can freely rotate the item they want to place, both inside their tent/house and outside, which makes item placement and decoration much easier and more enjoyable . It is also possible to create and place paths from the start of the game, after setting up the base camp.

6 City habitants

Just like in animal crossingin Dinkum players want NPC characters to come and live in their town. In New Horizonsthere are 413 different villagers to choose from when it comes to who the player chooses to live on their island. Dinkumso far had 16, but each potential inhabitant of the city has a distinct specialty and personality.

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Besides Fletch, one of the first inhabitants of the town is John, who will set up the general store in town once he strikes up a friendship. Among the various residents, there is a hairdresser, a furniture guy, an animal caretaker, etc. If the player has a high friendship with a resident and he has a day off, players can ask him out and they will help him with any tasks the player does.

Tools are important elements in animal crossing, especially for players starting the game for the first time. Players cannot fish, catch bugs, plant trees and find fossils, get wood and different ores for crafting, shoot down balloons or even cross rivers and climb cliffs without tools.

They are therefore very important, and it is a great inconvenience to be in the middle of a task and a tool suddenly breaks. In Dinkum, tools have a durability bar that players can see. There is absolutely no guesswork when it comes to whether or not a tool will break soon.

4 Culinary and Food Effects

Cooking is a new game mechanic that has arrived New Horizons’ Update 2.0 that allows players to cook food if they know the recipe and have the right ingredients. Cooking these recipes really only gives players two things, they can use the item as decor in their home, or they can consume it the same way they consume fruit, which gives a strength buff.

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Cooking is a more elaborate game mechanic in Dinkum, and it is unlocked as soon as the player makes their first campfire. Players can cook in three ways, over the campfire, on a hob, and with a keg. When consumed, the food not only gives a buff, but also restores a certain amount of health and energy.

3 Agriculture… Animals included!

With the latest update of New Horizons, players can finally grow their crops. Players can plant potatoes, tomatoes, wheat, carrots, and sugarcane, as well as pumpkins, flowers, and fruit trees, creating a proper farm for their islands.

Agriculture is a key part of Dinkum, and players not only cultivate crops, but also can care for and raise different animals. There’s a lot more to being able to grow and harvest crops, and each crop has different restrictions, like how much it can produce at a time, and even how much space it needs to grow. Some crops are even seasonal.

2 More to do in Multiplayer

Dinkum has both a single player mode and a cooperative mode where players can invite their friends to visit their cities. Animal Crossing: New Horizons also has a multiplayer feature but the activities players can do with their friends are limited. Just like in New Horizons and other animal crossing Games, Dinkum also allows other players to fish and shop at friends’ stores.

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However, in Dinkum other players can help build buildings. There are also many more activities to do together. Players and their friends can battle crocodiles, race emus, mine the deep mine together, and more.

1 Steerable water vehicles

In many animal crossing games, players were able to take different types of transportation to get around. There have been trains, taxis, buses, boats and now planes with Dodo Airlines since New Horizons. But players have never been able to operate any of these modes of transport themselves.

This is not the case in Dinkum. Once the player purchases the vehicle license, they unlock the rowboat and the ability to purchase and drive water vehicles. Players can control the rowboat and drive it through the waters around and through the island. The boat can also be painted.

Dinkum is available in early access on PC.

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