7 Best Tools on the NookLink App for ACNH

The Animal Crossing series has changed a lot since its initial release on the Nintendo GameCube. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Nintendo has streamlined many features from previous Animal Crossing games. New Horizons still keeps the spirit relaxing with lots of cute villagers, a beautiful museum, and Brewster at the Roost, while making certain gameplay features easier.

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Nintendo has released the NookLink app through the Nintendo Online mobile app for the convenience of gamers. Although not a necessity, it can definitely help you play Animal Crossing. Once you check out these features, we think you’ll spend even more time playing Animal Crossing New Horizons.

seven Designs: keep old custom designs

animal crossing nooklink design tab and mabel at able sisters

Longtime Animal Crossing fans will recall that in Animal Crossing New Leaf, designs were shared via scanned code. Players would usually post and share these codes online for everyone’s convenience. If you were a little heartbroken leaving everything you loved about New Leaf behind when you launched New Horizons, some features are here to stay.

Although Animal Crossing New Horizons has its own design code sharing system, New Leaf codes can thankfully be transferred to New Horizons using the NookLink app. The Design button allows you to scan in-game codes using your mobile device’s camera as a scanner.


6 Catalog: organize your favorites

animal crossing new horizons nooklink catalog and gyroids

Animal Crossing New Horizons has exceeded fan expectations with its latest update. It offered many features such as Brewster at the Roost, a Happy Home Designer DLC and many new items. Players who have had New Horizons since its initial release now have a large catalog of items, between buying from Nook’s Cranny and trading with friends. Organizing all of these items can be a daunting task.

The Catalog button lets you organize the hundreds of items you’ve collected in your furniture and clothing catalog. You can easily see which items you are missing or which items you want to gift to your friends or villagers. The catalog feature even lets you favorite items, so you’ll never have to scour the pages of a catalog again to find the perfect item you need to accent your room.

5 Happy Home Network: Get Inspired

animal crossing new horizons happy home network nooklink app and lottie

The Happy Home Designer DLC expansion is so involved that it almost feels like a separate game from New Horizons. There are so many things to discover that can help enhance your home island, like accent walls, exclusive furniture, and custom lighting. Every home customization in Happy Home Designer is already fun on its own, but players are looking for the big rewards that come with the designs.

Animal Crossing players were most eager to find out about the ability to change villager homes on their home island thanks to the Happy Home Designer DLC. To do this, you will need to create 30 vacation homes. The Happy Home Network feature via NookLink lets you see other players’ vacation homes and save your favorites. Why not get inspired by what you would like to do with your own holiday homes?

4 Island Diary: Remember Important Events

animal crossing new horizons island diary on the nooklink app and isabelle shooting stars announcement

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can expect something new every day. Each day, the island will be visited by a random special character. There’s a villager birthday almost every day of the year, and some players are keeping a close eye on the turnip market to try and make a big profit. That’s a lot to keep track of, and the NookLink app can help.

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The Island Log button highlights the most important events happening on the island. The Turnip Tracker section is perhaps the most useful. It keeps track of your turnip prices for the week and shows you if they have gone up or down each morning and evening. Some sections of the app are also intended for fun. It will keep track of when you visited a friend’s island or when a villager taught you a new recipe.

3 Reactions: simplified reaction button

animal crossing new horizons nooklink app reactions and happy villagers

It might seem like a small detail, but Animal Crossing New Horizons fans love the extensive selection of reactions. The game has had several updates since release, and many of the new events give players new reactions to try out. There’s anything from multiple types of dance moves to a simple wave to your visiting friends.

If you check out the Reactions button, it shows you a list of all the reactions your villager knows in an easy-to-use grid system. This makes it easy to find the reaction you want to use by simply scrolling through a selection on your mobile device. Not only that, but the Reactions tab in the NookLink app saves the ones you use the most, so you can easily click them again.

2 Keyboards: talk to your friends

animal crossing new horizons nooklink app keyboard and villager saying hello

Animal Crossing New Horizons has updated its game with more user-friendly features than ever before. Long gone are the days of having to use your letters for storage because your pockets were too small. Even small changes, such as automatic item stacking, made a huge difference in gameplay.

The Nintendo Switch itself isn’t that input-friendly. Even if you play Animal Crossing New Horizons in handheld mode, the input process is still long. The Keyboard feature lets you type whatever you want on your mobile device and hit send. Talking to your friends or with people you chat with on Nookazon is as easy as texting your phone.

1 Nook Points: Buy cute items

animal crossing new horizons nooklink app nook spots and framed photo of isabelle

There are already many types of currencies in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You use Bells to pay off your home loans or shop at Nook’s Cranny. Nook Miles Tickets allow certain items to be purchased from Resident Services, but are mostly the most sought after in the Animal Crossing trading community. The NookLink app offers players a third currency which is actually easy to collect.

You can collect ten Nook Points once a day just by checking the app. Then you can redeem the points for cute items that will be mailed directly to the villager’s home. There are adorable items like a raccoon wall clock or personalized photos of Isabelle or Tom Nook to collect.

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