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An auto forum, restaurant franchisor, and soap company bought estates this week.

Sedo’s best public sales this week were Buy.co for $ 35,000 and iSwap.com. I can’t yet find out who purchased them, so they’re not eligible for this item, but both were likely end-user acquisitions.

Here is a list of recently completed end user domain name sales at Sedo. You can check out previous listings like this here.

Superstore.co.in $ 15,000 – Nykaa is a makeup and beauty product company in Mumbai, India.

Holycode.com £ 11,000 – This domain is redirected to HolyCode, a software development store. He uses the Holycode.rs hack domain for his website.

Autoboss.com $ 8,900 – Autoboss is a forum for car and auto enthusiasts.

BestCryptoCasinos.com $ 8000 – Qebify is a company in Bulgaria. I believe he operates online gambling sites.

4Science.com $ 6,900 – ITway SPA has a data management company called 4Science which uses the 4Science.it domain.

X100.org $ 5,000 – X100 Holdings Public Company Limited owns a number of restaurant brands. Its site indicates that it has 1,357 outlets in 357 cities in 14 countries.

BougieCrafter.com $ 4,960 – Voyageur Soap & Candle Company Ltd in British Columbia purchased this estate.

BennettHome.com $ 4,699 – Bennett Galleries is an interior design, art and furniture company in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Lyfe.io $ 4,375 – Lyfe Group in Australia purchased this domain. A report from the DNB indicates that the company is in the clothing industry.

UprightCitizen.com $ 3,499 – Bell film studio The Cat Films purchased this estate, presumably for one of their projects.

Massagesesselshop.de € 3,400 – This domain forwards to massagesesselwelt.de, a site that sells massage chairs. The domain translates to “massage chair store”.

BPCO.ch € 3,000 – COPD is the abbreviation for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The domain links to a page on lungenliga.ch, which I believe is operated by the Swiss Lung League. It appears to be a health advocacy group.

ChristianStone.com $ 3,000 – Golden Rule Real Estate in Montana is associated with Christian Stone, LLC. What is strange is that I found a PDF (probably prior to this acquisition) that already mentions ChristianStone.com. Yet HugeDomains registered this domain in 2011 after an unrelated person in Louisiana owned it.

BTC.email $ 2,999 – Looks like this will be a chat community for “YENIVERSE, the home of the METACREATOR community”.

A1Carpet.com $ 2,995 and A1CarpetCleaning.com $ 2,399 – Better Carpet Care in Monrovia, Calif., Purchased this estate. It’s called A1 Carpet Care and uses the A1CarpetCareUSA.com domain.

GrabAR.com $ 2,500 – Cirrus Soft Ltd is a software company that creates the Grab AR app, which uses AI and AR technology to copy any piece of image content to your device’s camera and view it in your environment.

OceanRepublic.com $ 2,500 – Ocean Republic is a group that advocates for the protection of the seas.

Team-Digital.com $ 2,454 – All Printing Resources provides products and services to the printing industry.

PCSExpress.com $ 2,200 – PCS Software in Houston sells solutions for transportation logistics. One of its products is called Mobile Express.

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