10 best things to buy during real estate sales


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If you have bare walls, estate sales can be a great place to purchase some beautifully framed artwork. “I tend to find a lot of abstract paintings, which interest me just because Mid-Century Modern is an aesthetic that I love in my own home,” says Kentin Waits, a writer for MoneyTalksNews.com who specializes in in the second- hand purchases. “The vintage pieces that I find in estate sales are usually signed originals or very nice low numbered engravings. “

Everyone’s tastes in art vary, but if you find a painting you like, you’ll probably also find that the owners put it in a pretty frame. You might not even like the art, but love the frame – and repurposing the frame for your own art can save you massive amounts of framing costs.


Unfortunately, books are not in demand, unless they are first editions. Is it worth checking out? Absoutely. A first edition of The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway, is currently on sale for $ 100,000. A first edition of The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, sells for $ 85,000.

Early editions aren’t easy to spot, but if the date on the copyright page matches the date on the title page, you’ve probably found one. Sometimes the words “first edition” appear on the copyright page, although you usually need to have this checked out by an expert. Even so, taking a flyer out of a book for a quarter is probably a better bet than the lottery, and you can still read it, even if it’s a 10th edition.

Cleaning supplies

No one collects boxes from Tide, but if you’re looking to get hold of detergents, mops, and other cleaning gear, a real estate sale is the place to get them. “It’s a convenient way to avoid paying retail,” says Waits. “It’s a good way to pick up a lot of things that I know I’ll need at some point for 50 cents or a few dollars.”


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