10 Best Minecraft Mods for 2022

Minecraft has been around for over a decade and is still loved by millions of gamers around the world. Many gamers have been playing the iconic sandbox title for a long time. While Minecraft is famous for its endless replayability, gamers might eventually get tired of the same vanilla gameplay.

Like many other video games, Minecraft can also be spiced up by making a few changes. Players can install MC mods to add new features and gameplay changes. Thanks to the huge Minecraft modding community, there are thousands of mods available for the game.

This article lists ten outstanding mods that players can use to make Minecraft feel better. Before using these mods, players may need to install a mod loader like Forge or Fabric.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author only.

Best Minecraft Mods

10) The Xaero world map

World map mod (Image via CurseForge)
World map mod (Image via CurseForge)

In Minecraft, players create worlds spanning millions of blocks. Exploring such a large territory is an impossible feat. Either way, players still cover plenty of tunes while playing in their world.

Players can use Xaero’s world map to generate a map of the whole world. This map shows all the tracks loaded in the world. Players can combine this mod with Xaero’s minimap to get a small minimap on their screen.

Download the Xaero world map here.

9) Advancement More

Many players like to complete every advancement in their worlds. Even though there are tons of advancements, 98 to be precise, players are always on the lookout for new advancements.

Luckily, some Minecraft mods improve the advancement system. Players can use the Advancement Plus mod to add new advancements to the game.

Download Advancement Plus from here.

8) MrCrayfish’s furniture module

There aren’t many options available in Minecraft when it comes to furniture. Players are usually forced to create furniture with the available items and blocks. Players can also use mods to add custom furniture.

MrCrayfish’s furniture mod is one of the most famous furniture mods. It adds over 80 different pieces of furniture to the vanilla game. Many pieces of furniture are also functional and not just for decoration.

Download MrCrayfish Furniture Mod from here.

7) Chisel and bits

Custom block design (Image via Rorax using Chisel & Bits)
Custom block design (Image via Rorax using Chisel & Bits)

Chisel & Bits adds many new custom tools that allow players to modify the shape, pattern, and design of blocks. He adds tools such as chisel, bite bag, magnifying glass, wrench, feather, etc.

Chisel & Bits add a new dynamic to the game by allowing new variations of different blocks. Players can create bricks, torches, signs, fountains, wells, etc. personalized. Creative builders would like to build things with the Chisel & Bits mod.

Download Chisel & Bits from here.

6) Passage stones

The Ender Pearl stasis chamber is as far as players can go in vanilla Minecraft to create a teleporter. But why go through such hassle when a Minecraft mod like Waystones exists? This mod adds teleport waypoints called waystones to help players cover large distances quickly.

Server admins also use the Waystones mod to make it easier to navigate their servers. Players can craft waystones and use them to set up a teleport point. Once a waypoint is activated, players can travel to it instantly.

Download Waystones from here.

5) YUNG’s Best Mine Shafts

YUNG’s best mineshafts for 1.18.1 are finally here, for Forge AND Fabric! With a new generation of upgraded mine shafts + the new overgrown mine shaft in the lush caves. I really hope you enjoy playing with mineshafts in 1.18. Port 1.18.2 will soon be available for patrons! https://t.co/ZIdctBSFJE

Many features have received updates over the past few years and have undergone some amazing overhauls. Unfortunately, the mineshafts remained almost the same. Players wanting better mineshafts can use YUNG’s Better Mineshafts mod to improve the mineshafts in their worlds.

This mod adds new varieties of mine shafts such as icy mine shafts, acacia mine shafts, snowy mine shafts, etc. This mod also improves the overall mine shaft structure.

Download YUNG’s Best Mine Shafts from here.

4) Biomes of Abundance

Biomes O’ Plenty is a brilliant Minecraft mod aimed at improving the aesthetics of the world by adding over 50 unique biomes. Although Mojang adds new biomes with almost every update, players will probably never be satisfied with the existing biomes.

With Biomes O’ Plenty, players can find new biomes with rich flora and fauna. Players can enjoy new trees, plants, flowers and more by installing a single mod.

Download Biomes O’ Plenty from here.

3) Optifin

The recently released Caves & Cliffs Part II update has taken the game to a new height. The entire Overworld has been revamped to introduce new caves and a new generation of mountains. While the new terrain is impressive, many players struggled to experience it due to the lag.

Many players struggled to run the game at a playable frame rate. Optifine mod is highly recommended for gamers facing low FPS. Optifine allows gamers to lower visual settings and increase their FPS. Players can also use it to make Minecraft much prettier by enabling shaders.

Download Optifine from here.

2) Sodium

Optifine is not the best mod to fix performance issues. The Sodium mod is their only last option for players who get an extremely low frame rate. Sodium has been proven to increase frame rate by 300% on specific devices.

Players can use Sodium with the Lithium and Phosphor mod to get probably the best possible framerate in Minecraft on any PC.

Download Sodium from here.

1) Just enough items

Crafting recipes (Image via JEI mod)
Crafting recipes (Image via JEI mod)

Just Enough Items is the most downloaded MC mod on CurseForge. Many popular modpacks still come with the Just Enough Items mod included. It is a convenient and simple mod that shows the recipe for each item in the game.

JEI is great for beginners as they usually have trouble remembering crafting recipes. The Just Enough Items mod shows recipes even for locked items.

Download Just Enough Items from here.

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